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Rick Lawrence
 May 24, 2017
Ray Tubs, Art Bradbury
 May 31, 2017

Christina, a member of the East Hartford Rotary, is the Director of Community Relations at Intercommunity, Inc.


Christina Lessard
 Oct 25, 2017
Doug Willett
 Nov 01, 2017

Shirley-Pat is a literacy advocate who, using the Rotary International Project model, works with indigenous and non-indigenous communities in rural and remote British Columbia 

Shirley-Pat Chamberlain
 Nov 08, 2017

Laura is the executive director of the CT Alliance to end sexual violence.  

Laura Cordes
 Nov 15, 2017

Terry, formerly the senior minister at Manchester's Center Congregational Church, is currently the Executive Director o the Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding.

Terry Schmitt
 Nov 22, 2017