If this were the month of April, a group would be leaving to hit the golf course right after the meeting.  The day was sunny with a temperature in the fifties.  What more could a golfer wish for!  Upon entering the Ridge, one noticed a complete rearrangement of the lobby.  According to Happy Jack some of the tables had been sent to the rubbish heap, so George and Jack were sitting at a table which usually supported the badge tray. Different!
As usual, conversations were taking place in small groups scattered around the dining room.  One could hear talk of Alex Cora, the ill-fated signal stealer, and now ex manager of the Red Sox.  Perhaps the Sox might be interested in hiring Bill Belichick who also has a questionable history as far as signals go!
Right on the dot of 12:15 acting president Bill Saunders called us together for the traditional song, pledge, and invocation.  The Invocation delivered by Jack Sayre included several well thought out sayings which would be suitable toasts at any get together.
As usual, we were directed to the serving table to take up a nice lunch of roasted chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, and a hearty salad.  Additionally, a tasty tiramisu dessert, donated by one of our visitors, was available and enjoyed by all who chose to give it a try.
After lunch were reconvened and Acting President Bill asked for the introduction of guests.  Among the three today were Ed Firestone, Dan’s brother, PDG Dave Mangs, and dessert provider, Alexandro.
Neal Cunningham was next on the agenda with his Sgt. at Arms report.  Again, he was a little late in arriving, but to appease Chairman Dick McCarthy, he made an extra contribution to the coffers.  His take got off to a good start with a donation from Dan Firestone who celebrated 44 years of wedded bliss (a few shorter than last week’s 59 and 58 years!). Others included a birthday for Jack Sayre, Wes Willett to cover for Neal’s lateness, Marc Glass for a guest, Dan Larson on his return from a short visit to D.C., George Schoen and Neal for their continued support of the Sox, Bob Wood for early leaving, Ed Firestone for his monthly visit to EH,  Dan Firestone for Jack Sayre’s fixing the Badge Board and finding some long lost reminders!, and Peter Klock for his son being born 42 years ago.
Next came the raffles.  Wes Willett won the $$$raffle after “Honest Neal” couldn’t produce the actual winning ticket.  Alex Wisz was the lucky floral winner – Dick McCarthy missed today’s meeting!
On to the announcements – AP Bill noted that the Paul Harris Dinner will be held either March 18th or 25th. June 17th will be the district Installation Dinner and both Bob Buettner and DG Marc Glass will be sworn in.  This will count as the annual Installation dinner usually held for our incoming president. We will be presenting a check for our part of the Summer Concert series to the EH Parks Department at a future meeting.  Finally, Bill noted that we had received a thank you note for our contribution to Shelter Box.
Bill mentioned that Dan Russell’s brother, Skip, had passed away and that a Memorial Service will be held at Buckingham Congregational Church on January 25th.  Peter Klock said he had heard from Polio Plus that there were 13 new cases of Polio in the Middle East – Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Sad!
A brief discussion followed with a couple of items the Board is considering.  First, a sock program designed to furnish socks to the homeless and those in shelters.  Seemed to be a positive response.  Second – what are our thoughts on a Saturday Soup Kitchen?  Again, a positive response, but more information is needed as to how and where.  Third – passing the hat to get funds for the Rotary Float in the Rose Bowl Parade.  Again, positive, but let’s schedule a date when more people are present.
‘til next time, Bob Wood