Posted by Doug Willett

The Eagles were flying around the room at the Ridge today. The hot topic was their alleged “abandonment of their fans” in Washington the day previously, while our erstwhile President bathed himself in the flag and mumbled song lyrics to a patriotic classic he obviously didn’t know. At our table we soon moved on to more edifying subjects.

President Dave was at the podium today, one of the few left in his dwindling reign. The crowd was lively, the conversations were lively, and the iced tea was sugared. The ringing of the bell, the opening song and the pledge of allegiance, was followed by a Hope-less invocation, and we were off to the buffet table. Salisbury steak, baked pork slices, veggies, potatoes, salad and roll made up a more than adequate repast. Some “scrumptious” cakes, according to Alex Wysz, graced the dessert table.

Old friend, Bob Duggan, from Glastonbury along with our speakers, Chris Stone and Susan Negrelli from the MDC constituted our guest list. Art Bradbury and George Schoen led the usual cacophony to honor them.

President Dave began the meeting by thanking Hope and Dan Firestone for all the efforts put into our very successful Mystery Ride this past Saturday night. We ate at the Town Line Deli and enjoyed a Steve Martin farce called “Underpants” at a local cabaret. A fun night for all.

Nick Cecere is our Sargent At Arms this month. Signaling a more benign posture towards miscreants, he spent today mostly sitting in his chair waiting for us to come to him. And did all right for the cause. Most of the usual fines were levied, highlighted by the fine for a 51st Wedding Anniversary for Susan and Peter Klock.

Steve Jacoby commandeered the podium for a myriad of announcements. First, he reminded us that the twice monthly evening meetings were designed to encourage members who have not been attending noon meetings to honor their commitment to the Club by showing up at the evening meetings. These are also a way to encourage members to bring potential new members to meet our group. The results on both these issues have been disappointing to date. Another opportunity is coming up next week, June 13, when we will be meeting at 6 p.m. at Goodwin College once again. Second, he has both parking and a limited number of tickets to the upcoming Travelers Golf Championship available for free. Please contact him if interested. And finally, Steve reminded us that today is the 74th anniversary of D-Day when more than 106,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches at Normandy. More than 10,000 soldiers died that day but the breach they created led to the Allied victory many lives later.

In other announcements, the District Installation Dinner will be held at Maneeley’s on June 14th. We have one table, looking to book two. Let President Dave know by today if you are interested in attending. Bob Duggan informed us that the annual Glastonbury/East Hartford get together at the Elks Club in Glastonbury will be on Monday, July 23rd   Also, the Glastonbury Lobster Fest is this Saturday under a tent somewhere in town. Tickets are $65.

Larry Hangland won the raffle today.

Former Rotarian Chris Stone opened our presentation today with information about the Metropolitan District Commission’s Clean Water Project Progress Update. This is a $2.6 billion project which is the largest Public Works project in Connecticut history. Our ancient underground water runoff pipes are over taxed and no longer adequate. They are used for both sewage and storm water run off and these uses need to be separated. The idea is to get the treatment plants to accept more water and sewage flow rather than having it overflow into our streams and rivers.

In the Hartford area, the MDC is creating a four-mile tunnel which will hold overflow until it can be moved to the Treatment Plant. This Tunnel (or holding tank) is being constructed 250 feet below the ground. Susan Negrelli, the Chief Engineer for the MDC, walked us through this engineering marvel. Very interesting presentation thanks to Susan and old friend, Chris.

Remember, next Wednesday, 195 Riverside Drive, 6 p.m.

Doug Willett