Posted by Doug Willett

First day back from the Southland and I find myself on High Gear duty right away. Just another sign of how small the Club is getting and how few people we have to perform the basis club functions. Twenty-four Rotarians in attendance today, just a shade over 50% of our 42 active members, in what is now described as a typical turn-out. The weather outside was a mixture of sun and clouds, but despite our numbers, the room was warm and welcoming. Great to be back.

President Kevin Kickery rang the bell and Bob Wood ambled over to the podium to provide the invocation. We then strolled into the smaller room for our buffet luncheon. Today was lasagna day with both meat and veggie versions available. This was complimented with a salad and bread offering. Cookies completed the repast with Happy Jack substituting for the missing Ned Lynch as the purveyor.

President Kevin called the business meeting to order and announced that there would be no program today. He called for caring moments and, after a slight delay, Dan Larson rose to acknowledge that one of those present, Steve Jacoby, will be undergoing some heart surgery on this coming Monday, and we should all keep Steve in our thoughts and prayers. We will gladly do so.

Kevin mentioned that George and Peggy Schoen will be representing the Club at the Hartford Scholars event at the Hartford Marriott on Monday. We contributed $1,000 to this worthy cause. He also suggested that those who are holding Yard Goats tickets after the rainout last Thursday, should consider donating them to local school/summer programs, an idea he will facilitate by collecting them and making the needed arrangements. If you would like to participate please get your unused tickets to Kevin.

The Club Raffle is only two weeks away on Wednesday, June 19th, and the entire Raffle committee consisting of Co-Chairmen Neal Cunningham and Wes Willett along with lone member, Bill Saunders, would like all returns in by next Wednesday, June 12th. Please return both sold stubs with money and unsold tickets.

Our Club Installation Dinner is set for June 19th at the Gallery and a sign-up sheet was passed. Please contact Ceil Collins if you have yet to sign up. The District Installation Dinner for the District Governor is set for June 20 at the Riverview in Simsbury. Contact Marc Glass if interested in attending.

A Board of Directors meeting was held Wednesday night in the Kickery backyard.  

Marc Glass gave the Sgt. At Arms report where he was happy to report that that George Schoen and Jack Martin were still on the Red Sox bandwagon and that the Phillies were in first place in their division. Bob Buettner is showing his classic Jaguar at a car show by the sea and hopes that it will get him there and back safely. Neal was happy the Sox finally beat the Yankees, something he doesn’t expect to see again this year. Lowell Waldo is happy about the Phillies and, according to Marc, is ecstatic he has such a great son in law. Jim Watts paid to celebrate his 35th year as a proud East Hartford Rotarian and Dan Firestone paid handsomely to mark his “39th anniversary of his 39th birthday.” Wes Willett contributed to mark his joy at becoming a grandfather to Finley Grace, born to his step-daughter Kacie and beau, Derrick during his daughter Shealah’s college graduation party last Saturday. A few other fines were collected as well.

Larry Hangland won the Flower Raffle and Wes Willett collected the 50/50.

And with that, we adjourned for the week.

Doug Willett