Posted by Anwar Hossain on Oct 10, 2018

At this time, of the year, we usually get a fall-like crisp dry sunny cool day. Not today. It almost felt like a humid summer day. Twenty-three of us gathered today for our lunch meeting at the Ridge. As most of you know, we are back at the Ridge for all meetings, and as before, these all will be lunch meetings. Our trial evening meetings at Goodwin did not bring the desired results.


After the Rotary Song and the Pledge-of-Allegiance, President Kevin was looking around the room for the designated person who was supposed to deliver the invocation. It was a no show, so President Kevin asked for anyone to step forward to fill the opening. Seeing none, he adlibbed Rotary’s Motto of Friendship and reminded us to remember the folks who might be affected by the upcoming Category IV Hurricane Michael.


Our much-improved lunch consisted of rice (yes rice again), bowtie pasta, mixed vegetable, sliced ham in raisin sauce, chicken cacciatore, rolls and salad. Dessert again was cookies.


It was nice to see Doug Willett, recovered from his recent illness. He was accompanied by his wife, Diane, whom he introduced as “my lovely wife of 52 years and my current nurse”.  Although they declined the Welcome Song, President Kevin, at the end of the meeting, bestowed upon them the Welcome Song anyway since they are heading to Florida for the winter and might not get a chance to hear the heartfelt rendering from Art and George for a while.


The recent merger of People’s and Farmington banks have turned President Kevin’s life upside down. But he was glad to keep his job. Others from the 11 branches of Farmington Bank that will be closed might not be so lucky.


Caring Moments:


Someone chimed in about the plight of the Yankees!!




1.    Foundation Dinner will take place on 11/1/2018 at St. Joseph in Agawam. Our Club is expected to get an award.

2.    So far Jairo Lemos is the only one who will be attending the RLI conference in Enfield.

3.    Neal Cunningham indicated that he is expecting 20 Rotarians, spouses and relatives for the Water Station duties this Saturday in front of Two-Rivers School. Please get there before 7:00 AM to avoid road closing. Bob Buettner will pick up donuts and coffee. The race administrators have assured him that there will be a Porta-Potty. We will see!!!!

4.    Neal also presented the club a plaque awarded to the East Hartford Rotary Club for its 25th Year of Support for the Greater Hartford Marathon. Congratulations to all the Rotarians over the years who have got up early and supported this event.

5.    Koats for Kids event will take place on Sunday 11/14/2018 at Burlington Coat Factory. Volunteers should get there by 8:00 AM. Doors will open for the kids at 8:30. President Kevin mentioned that our club has received a $1000 grant for this project.

6.    FoodShare event is set for Monday 11/15/2018 from 12:30-3:30 at 450 Woodland Avenue, Bloomfield. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You might want to pack a light outer garment.

7.    Bob Buettner outlined the upcoming social events starting with Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Wine and Cheese party and a Wine Tasting Party. Stay tuned for details.

8.    Jack Martin reported that the first Fireside Chats will take place on Monday 11/5/2018 at the homes of President Kevin and Nick Cecere. The second ones will be on 11/8/2018 at the abodes of Steve Jacoby and Wes Willett. Signup will continue.

9.    The first annual Paul Harris meeting will take place at the Ridge at 11:15 AM 2 weeks from today. Jim Watts encouraged all to send in the nominations.


Sergeant-at-Arms Dick McCarthy got a lot of business from our Red Sox fans basking in the glory of the recent win over the Yankees. Marc’s perpetual contribution about the Eagles was not missed, but someone also paid for the Eagles recent loss.


Since our last week’s raffle winner George Agnelli was not present, Jack decided to have Diane Willett pick the winning ticket. And the winner was Frank Collins. Jack Sayer was the winner of Buettner Flower raffle.


Filling in for Sue Klock, your scribe, Anwar Hossain.